Morning sickness,
and draining fatigue;
clouds of this silver lining.
patented privilege of unborn love
from seedling, growing,
with me, within me, abiding.

kicks and twists,
my heart lurches and dips.
dull blunt ache of my woman’s womb
feeling the fear from choices made,
yet feeling the glow,
from sheltering you.

changing shape,
changing sizes;
gloom and bloom, of hormonal rush
new tastes, new cravings
sudden aversions, belated
a diamond, cut above, cut rough

risk of miscarriage
if foolish: just justice?
loss, and bloody consequence.
absence of future
and a looking-glass, empty
Alice, in no man’s land.

confusion and mood swings
brooding responsibility
secrecy, but inevitable truth
fruits of our labour
deal-breakers, game-changers
no pain relief: tear in two.