Ask me again, about the smile on my face
I really can’t explain it, my friend;
Is that me whistling? Why, so it is, dear chap,
A sonnet, on a loop in my head.
A skip in my step, you say – hmmm;
And a twinkle or two in my eye?
I hadn’t noticed, and yet, now you mention it…
I couldn’t possibly tell you why.
The weather? Indeed, quite splendid;
What a glorious sky overhead!
And hark, have you heard, the birds,
The bees: the humming of spring’s happiness?
A woman? None to write home about, no;
Rather, I found a new wrinkle last night
But what’s changed is the fact that I couldn’t care less
Let the days pass, I’ve no fear of time;
It’s alright, I tell you, alright!
Everything and anything goes
Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up a normal man –
But today, I’m a superhero.