I loves him, I does
me surprise knight in shining armor.

i weren’t expecting him –
not at this stage in me life
thought I were good for the romance scrapyard.

certainly had been a while
since me last rose,
me last « oh! »
the last time anyone came a-courting.
odd having a man beside us again
and the first time sharing a bed
I was all fingers and thumbs til morning.
the warmth, the flat-back snoring
after all these years
of nothing doing.

had the one-bed flat all cosy,
them remaining innings tidy
never would have thought
all’d change at the laundrette,
one monday morning,
waiting for me washing –

he said he’d forgotten his powder, see
asked if i had a bit going?
i put down me Digest
passed him some Persil non-bio
with a little side-glance:
portly, but that’s our age,
kind eyes, clean-shaven,
nice cashmere jumper.

from then on
I woke Monday mornings in a tizz
hoping I’d see him during rinse and spin.
and I did.

he turned up like clockwork
and two months in,
asked, with a grin
if I’d do him the honour
of a walk and cream tea
around Hengistbury Head
sometime that week.

that was our first date
and better than any
from them younger years.
when he reached for me hand
half-way along the headland
i blamed the wind for the tears,
my heart a-jumping
like I was seventeen again.