this is democracy,
repeat it, ad nauseam
inalienable right
of first-world fools.
right, but wrong
when consultation masquerades
as a gamble,
as a politician’s agenda –
one man’s ego
is a nation’s ruin.
where is the quid pro quo
of the modern social contract,
where is the responsibility
we owe?
vote then, but vote thoughtfully
and not misty-eyed nostalgic
over expired sovereignty,
and British bulldogs;
vote then, but vote sensibly
and not roused in antipathy
by false headlines,
by hatred and fear.
can this be my country –
land of hope and glory,
cradle of progress
of multi-cultural wealth?
overrun by islanders
and island mentality
divided, divided we fall.
well, Little Britain
Enjoy the independence
the pound, and poundland,
and different gravy trains.
overfish your own waters
negotiate your own trade deals
shut off your borders
and fail.