settle down, now.

have we got, please:
internet dating
online gambling, shopping, booking?
has someone remembered
the instant everything –
find a friend, emoticon valley?

did we think to take:
you tube,
(home-schooling of the next generation
from tricky french plaits to liquid explosives…)
and we’ll need google and wikipedia
or else a new verb for fact-find

and have you all packed:
your choice of Hello! or Closer
Leave behind your Bibles
and baubles, of literature
(Austen, Auden, Hardy, or Lawrence:
times begone.
oh alright, one for firewood).

lastly – who’s got:
politics (the new breed –
dictators so last-century).
i.e., the how-to
of becoming a world leader –
a good spin doctor, or billions,
and some sound populist rhetoric.

all set, then, humanity:
next stop –