we’ll all have distended bellies
(do they know it’s christmas time)
too much food
too much telly
dad stocked up on Lidl wine –

the king’s speech was on
(then the Queen’s)
gran can’t hear well, these days,
but always looks pleased
like Madge, hands folded in her lap

missing this year is cousin Jo
gone off to travel the globe.
trotting from one place to next
(says she didn’t vote Brexit)
postcards more exotic
than what you’d ever get
round here.

round here, they shut the co-op
but cousin Dave just passed his test
popped to Tesco on his way over
driving (but got our text):
Dave, we wrote, could u get cranberry sauce
and a box of Quality Street?

everyone will eat their favourites
last come, last served
but we’ll save the purple ones for cousin Jo
a treat for her return.